Hi World! This is Cake Fling – my passion project inspired by sophisticated European (Russian & Armenian) recipes that I grew up with or discovered through a random exploration. I enjoy baking and surprising family, friends, co-workers and new acquaintances with a new variety of taste. I use only natural ingredients and make all parts of the cake from scratch, never substitute with powders or ready-made products. In fact, I make the dairy-free condensed milk from scratch for my dairy-free cakes. I put a great deal of love and positivity into my cakes that I hope will translate into your day as well!

Cakes posted here went through rigorous tasting and collected the highest number of ‘oh & ahhs’, ‘wows’ and ‘this is really delish’ notes, and I’m sure you’ll find them irresistible as well!

Find your cake fling and ping me for details or to place your order.




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  1. Cintia Hanada says:


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  2. Sylva says:

    A dear friend brought the Aerial Castle to my baby shower. I’m European and love the light and less sweet taste of many European cakes. The Aerial Castle was out of this world! WOW, and it was gluten free as well..I could not believe that I was eating an authentic European style cake that was gluten free and, tasted soo soo delicious. I was secretly hoping there was going to be some leftover so I could saver it for a few more days. I highly highly recommend trying Ashtig’s cakes…you’ll be very happy you did.


    1. Cake Fling says:

      Hi Sylva! Thank you for such a glowing review – it’s the best reward I could have asked for! I’m delighted that you loved the cake so much and it brought back some good memories from back home 🙂 Happy to make another special moment so sweet and memorable!


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